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    Flanders Color

    We at Flanders Color believe that having an open and service-focused attitude must have the highest priority. It is this customer friendly approach in combination with our extensive range of quality products and wide expertise that ensured that we are a true authority in the area of paint supply since we were established in 1986. We would like to explain how you will experience these qualities as a customer.

    Open communication from information request to delivery:
    We are more than capable of providing tailor-made advice due to our many years of experience gaining our expertise. The focus of the advice we provide is not to sell you the most expensive products, but the right ones. As from the moment that we together arrive at the perfect solution for your paint or coating issue, we will also provide a crystal-clear picture of the further ordering process up to and including the final often very tight delivery date.

    A wide range of products and services:
    Flanders Color carries a very extensive and complete range, which allows us to serve a very large number of sectors. The furniture sector, the metal and automotive industries, painters and decorators, architects and consultancies, they can all count on expert advice and a partnership tailor-made to their requirements and preferences.

    Flexibility when it comes to service and production:
    Our service is, moreover, not the only thing that is tailor made based on customer requirements, you will also be amazed about the flexibility we can offer thanks to our own specialised laboratory with regard to products. If existing application systems fall short from achieving the required decorative effect, our specialised employees will gladly help you search for the perfect solution and, if required, they will develop it exclusively for you.

    Quality and experience:
    At Flanders Color, we constantly work on retaining our high-quality level. We do this, on the one hand, by ensuring our technical know-how regarding materials, suitable substrates and the latest technologies are up-to-date. Our laboratory, on the other hand, continuously monitors the quality of all paints and coatings in our range. This continuous pursuit of quality ensures that Flanders Color can come up with feasible and affordable solutions together with you that guarantee an optimum result.
    If, therefore, you are looking for an expert partner for whom quality and service go hand-in-hand with a correct price tag, contact us and be pleasantly surprised by our experts.

    Tip: Do not forget to visit our website regularly. You will not just find all information about planned activities and promotions there, but also all information related to your orders.


    Kortrijkstraat 380, 8560 Wevelgem
    T. +32 (0)56 43 95 81
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    Brugsestraat 196/4, 8020 Oostkamp
    T. +32 (0)50 40 28 40
    F. +32 (0)50 40 28 41

    Mo-Fr: 08h - 12h et 13h - 17h
    Sa: closed


    Oekensestraat 173, 8800 Oekene
    T. +32 (0)51 25 15 46
    F. +32 (0)51 25 15 47

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    Oostkaai 23A nr 1, 8900 Ieper
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    Mo-Fr: 08h - 12h et 13h - 17h
    Sa: closed